Vivek Law

Vivek Law is Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, investonomix, a digital video platform to demystify money. An award winning journalist who has worked across the biggest print and television brands, in his latest avatar, the senior business journalist drives the video-first digital content platform for Indians who seeking insight and financial advice on personal wealth.

In his print career spanning a decade, he has worked with The Economic Times, Business Standard, The Financial Express and India Today. He has also served as Consumer Affairs Editor at CNBC TV18 and CNBC Awaaz, and Editor, Bloomberg TV India for 4 years, before moving to the India Today Group as Editor-Business Television. Shows he has anchored across these TV brands, in English and Hindi, include Uncovered, Pardafash, Pehredar, Smart Money, Money's Best Friend, Market Guru, Big Story, Courtroom, Fightback for Your Rights and Dhan Daulat. Vivek has served on the boards of FPSB and NBSA. He is also author of The Money Book (Rupa, 2016).

From the Editor-in-Chief’s Desk...

A recent survey by global ratings agency, S&P, revealed 76% of Indian adults do not adequately understand key financial concepts. While it shocked many, I was hardly surprised. In fact, I thought the number would be even higher!

No, I am not a pessimist. I have spent more than two decades in the field of financial literacy. I have traveled the length and breadth of the country doing hundreds of investor education camps. Add to that several thousand episodes on financial education across television, directly speaking to our citizens. And of course, thousands of interactions with both, corporate honchos and young people, have all revealed one thing to me: We just do not understand Money! And it is nothing to do with where we are in life. I have seen enough CEOs and promoters of companies, making bad investment decisions with their own money.


It is to my mind a mindset problem. We take our kids to malls and movies, but never to a bank. What we read in newspapers and watch on television channels, is still a lot of jargon that further scares us away from trying to understand the basics of money. We are therefore, unable to ask even the most simple questions when a bank or an agent comes to sell us a product.

n our early years we are kept away from learning about money. It is not taught in school, though some efforts are now being made. Once we start working, we are too busy going up the corporate ladder to really care to learn about our own money. Once we have earned a decent amount, we have banks and agents chasing us and not knowing any better, we sign off on whatever is sold to us. That is our story!

In the process we lose loads of money that is rightfully ours. We fail to make our money grow. We fail to become wealthy. Do you know that your money lying in a savings account is actually depleting every day? You may as well spend it right now!
ndia is going through a remarkable phase. Our country’s economy is growing at over 7% and is likely to keep the pace for a number of year. Entrepreneurship is flourishing. And while we do keep shooting ourselves in the foot from time to time, there is no one out there who is bearish on the India growth story. Digital is the new frontier. Most of us are now consuming our information online. The trend is shifting increasingly to the hand held. We have more aspirations today than ever. And we need to money to fulfill these aspirations. While we cannot control how much we will earn, but we can certainly control what we can do with what we have earned.

Managing money is no rocket science. It is easy to understand. And that is what we at investonomix intend to help you do. We want you to do justice to your hard earned money. We want you to save better.

Spend better. Invest better. And protect your money better.

investonomix is that friend you have been looking for to help you understand money. Today, we may be a financially illiterate society but tomorrow that will change. I have no doubt about that. I am an optimist!

So come, become a part of investonomix.