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Budget 2017 Got Us Like….

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Union Budget 2017 is out and we can all go home now.

But not before using every emotion in the spectrum to express our feelings about this money master plan.

You know how they say that these days, verdicts are decided on public forums. Our Twitterati left no phrase unturned in expressing their opinions– the good, the bad and the ugly– about FM Arun Jaitley’s ‘Uttam’ Budget.

Let’s see, shall we?

1) What’s the first rule of talking about The Budget? You need to understand The Budget. Clearly, that’s a tad bit difficult at first go.

2) But once you’ve watched the videos, read the highlights and browsed popular opinion, you can either applaud it or ‘tion’ it.

3) Politicians tend to have a way with words. It’s a different kind of pleasure to read what they manage to do with the 140 characters at their disposal. Particularly when their views are not so kind….

… and they’ve got to kill them, sweetly.

4) Post the Demonetisation shocker, everyone’s been in need of a morale booster. And it’s always nice to see someone talk positively about the future.

5) But while the bigwigs are looking at the bigger picture, there are always those who find comic relief in the finer details of the Budget.

Even in face of impending expenditure, they keep that sense of humour alive and firing! *Such Dedication* *Much Wow*

6) Talking about comic relief, you absolutely cannot ignore your friendly neighbourhood stand up comedians!

7) For those who can spot it, our Budget sure knows how to make some cool trendsetting statements

8) Of course, we Indians are nothing without our OTT analogies.

And when it’s analogies, how can movies be left behind? You can take us out of Bollywood. But you cannot take the Bollywood out of us.

9) In lieu of most of our Bollywood migrating to Hollywood these days, there HAS to be a Hollywood analogy too.

10) But in the end, when you get off that couch you’ve been warming since 11 am, listening to the entire Budget speech just to find out if you’ll be paying more or less taxes, you can only think of one thing…

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