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Your 4am Investment Friends To Keep On Your Speed Dial

While you celebrate all those friends-cum-ATMs in your life this Friendship’s Day, here’s a list of investment ideas, with easy liquidity, that’ll will save your neck in case of financial emergencies!

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Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

We all have that list of 4 am friends on our speed dial that we call for help, confide in, and seek advice from. Sometimes, even go to them for monetary help.

So while you celebrate all those friends-cum-ATMs in your life this Friendship’s Day, here’s a list of investment ideas, with easy liquidity, that’ll will save your neck in case of financial emergencies!

After all, friends in need are real friends indeed!

1) Savings Account

We all have that one friend who’s not exactly your BFF but is easy to talk to, and great to be around. Not your BFF, but still lowkey there for you.

Just like your savings account! While it may not earn you very high interests, it is at least better than your regular checking out or no account at all.

Best part? You can access your money anytime you want!


2) Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits (FDs) are like that one friend with the right traditional values that you can take home to your parents and they will love them.

Park your money in an FD, and you can be sure that it is safe, while earning you interest and giving you tax benefits.

However, most FDs, especially bigger amounts, have a maturity period of 5 years and premature withdrawals may deprive you of earning interest.

3) Insurance


Aren’t the protective ones the best?

They’ll always have your back and often shield you from the anything that might cause you harm. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that, right?

Hence, insurance covers. Whether it is a simple travel insurance during a business trip abroad or a health cover for the whole family, you’ll always have something to fall back to in case of emergencies.

But remember, just as every friendship requires some effort to be maintained, your insurance cover needs you to pay your premiums on time.

4) Gold

Gold is your typical scholar friend, the Sharmaji ka beta, if you will, that your parents want you to be friends with because he is such good influence on you.

How many times have we seen Bollywood movies where the hero mortgages his mother’s gold jewellery to bail the family out of major financial troubles?

The fact is, in situations of dire need, you can always count on this commodity to fetch you a decent (if not always good) price.


There are different ways you can invest in gold: jewellery, coins and the recently popular Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or e-gold.

5) SIPs

There are some friends that you hit it off with instantly.

And then there are some friendships that build over time, slowly yet steadily, growing into one of the strongest bonds in your life.


A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) could become just that financial friend to you if you let it.

With an investment of as low as 500/month, you could build a corpus liquid enough that you can dip into in case of emergencies.

Some of them even offer ATM cards that you can use to withdraw at will.

6) Credit Card

Everyone has fond memories of their first ‘Emergencies Only’ credit card, don’t we? One swipe and they can make it all go away, from shopping bills to hospital bills.

Credit cards are those richie rich friends that spoil you, never let you pay for anything and make you feel invincible.


But tread carefully because I spy a Frenemy!

These cards are a double-edged sword, that can turn on you if abused too much. Because in the end, there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

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