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10 Thoughtful Raksha Bandhan Gifts That Will Go A Long Way

How about making a real, long-term difference to your sister’s life with a gift that will keep on giving?

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Bollywood may portray Raksha Bandhan as a highly sentimental affair, but let’s call it like it is, shall we?

If you’re a sister, you’re probably having fun picking out rakhis, ordering sweets, and preparing a wishlist of all that you could ask for as gifts.

If you’re a brother, real, cousin or otherwise, you’re trying to calculate how much lighter your wallet is going to get in the next couple of weeks.

Now here’s thought: How about making a real, long-term difference to your sister’s life with a gift that will keep on giving? Sounds good? Well, we’ve got a list right here!

1) Give Her a ‘SIP’ of the Investment Drink

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) lets you invest a small fixed amount every month in a mutual fund of your choice. The corpus thus built will continue to grow despite inflation and is also accessible in case of emergencies.

Now say a designer handbag costs 6000. If you spread this amount over 12 months, you could easily invest as low as 500 every month for an entire year. How cool is that for a head start?

2) Show Her You’ve Got Her Covered

Isn’t health the real wealth?

And if that is indeed true, then gifting your sister a health insurance policy would be like killing two birds with one stone!

You could be her protector in the true spirit of Rakshabandhan!

3) Help Her Build Her ‘Bank Balance’

The thing with cash is, it gets spent. So what do you do? Well, you put it somewhere safe.


If your sister doesn’t have one already, then start a savings account in her name, and instead of gifts, deposit cash for all special occasions like her birthday or festivals.

All of the brothers could even pool in enough cash for a Fixed Deposit in your sister’s name. With all the interest earnings and tax deductions, what’s not to love?

4) Invest In Her

Think your sister could be a kickass entrepreneur with all those special skills she possesses? Or maybe she’s already one and could use a little more encouragement?

You could show her you believe in her and her ideas by investing in the business. Motivation comes in all forms: startup capital, office resources, or enrolment in a skill building workshop, perhaps?

5) Fix Her Up With PPF

Ask your sister if she already invests in a Public Provident Fund and offer to gift her a portion of that investment.

If she doesn’t, then convince her to start one and gift her the first instalment. Nothing says ‘thoughtful’ like a long-term, assured and tax-free investment!

6) Go For Gold

This idea is both literally and figuratively golden.

Whether you choose to gift her tangible gold, in the form of jewellery or gold coins, or gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and bonds, she’ll love it knowing it’s a pretty good investment!

7) Give Her a Hand With Her IOUs

Now this is something you might have to be sneaky about.

Offering to help someone with their loans or debts can be a tricky conversation. You’ve got to be tactful and discreet instead of condescending.

Sit your sister down and ask her about her money troubles and whether you could lend her a hand with them.


8) A ‘Card’ that Says You Care

Nope, we don’t mean a greeting card.

A nice gift card loaded with points and bonuses that she could use to buy something of her choice even a year later seems like a thoughtful idea, doesn’t it?

You could even be the ‘best brother in the world’ by gifting her her first credit card. These cards too come loaded with lots of freebies and benefits, albeit to be used judiciously.


And then maybe throw in a greeting card for good measure!

9) The Gift of Knowledge

Philosophically speaking, it’s the best gift you can give anyone.

But financial literacy is so much more than just an idealistic gift. It helps you empower someone with the knowledge of how to deal with their finances, reap the benefits and avoid risky behaviour.

Gift your sister a lifetime of good financial guidance in the form or financial literacy books.

10) A Gift Tried & True

One word. Four letters.

Whether it is because you’re unimaginative or you’ve been unable to pick up on the hints about what your sister really wants, this one gifting idea trumps every single time.



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