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Glambitious: Shweta Tripathi

You’ll remember her as the bubbly Zenia on Disney Channel’s Kya Mast Hai Life. She was pretty much unforgettable as Shaalu in Masaan. Shweta Tripathi has a lot more laurels in her hat that she wears with pride.

A theater artist, an avid foodie and a total travel and adrenaline junkie, Shweta continues to dabble in her various interests. And there’s no stopping her; she has quite the list!

It’s noteworthy how she manages to do all this on her own terms, without compromising on the quality of life and the quantity of enjoyment.

What is it that has shaped her into the strong, determined and financially prudent individual that she is today?

Editor-in-Chief, Vivek Law, is in conversation with the talented and effervescent Shweta Tripathi in this edition of Glambitious.

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